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Why Referrizer?

Because we dedicated ourselves to create something unique…Not just to give you a momentary competitive edge, oh no…But to give you an entire longlasting sword! A COMPLETE, AUTOMATED, ALL IN ONE tool you can use to secure the future of your practice for years to come.


Reach 20 times more people

Reach 20 times more people

Many practice leaders believe finding and procuring new patients is something they can easily do with little to no effort. In reality, this can be one of the most frustrating and difficult tasks of growing a practice, especially a new one. Referrizers marketing solutions for dental practices will help you to be singled out and noticed by new and untapped patient sources by:

  • Significantly increasing your online presence
  • Getting you a lot more positive reviews (Google, Facebook …)
  • Making it easier for patients to share their positive experiences with friends, family, coworkers…Everyone!
Retain 30% more patients

Retain 30% more patients

Retaining hard-won patients in an overwhelmingly competitive market is not an easy task today. Level of competition is equally high for all practices, and it’s getting harder and harder to be singled out just by the quality of service. Referrizers marketing platform will enable you to:

  • Forge a strong bond with every client
  • Make their experience unique and personal
  • Approach them on a much deeper level

They will appreciate the extra attention and be more than happy to sit in your chair again.

Gain 300% more Five-Star ratings

Gain 300% more Five-Star ratings

  • Showing only positive ratings and blocking the postings of negative reviews
  • Enabling you to address negative feedback privately, locate problems and enhance the quallity of service
  • Giving various incentives for positive review postings

Gain 300% more Five-Star ratings Gain 300% more Five-Star ratings The internet today can pose a challenge to dentists, because everyone can now become an “expert” in dentistry and challenge a dentist’s recommendations and skills. Additionally, disgruntled patients, real or imagined, can use sites like Rate my MD to negatively impact a practice not unlike people badmouthing restaurants and stores on Yelp. Referrizer enables you to deal with these treats and significantly boost Five-Star reviews by:

Complete marketing automation

Complete marketing automation

Staying in constant contact with patients is one of the greatest challenges dental practices face in the modern environment. Patients are mobile and have access to information at their fingertips. It is rare today for a dental practice to see the same patient for more than 20 years like it was in the past. So, staying connected to your patient base and getting their feedback is now a full-time job. But not for you, because Referrizer offers a completely automated system to stay in contact with your patients. You can:

  • Customize massages with personalized content
  • Improve patient communication with your office
  • Streamline all office marketing operations
  • Get daily feedback and use it to improve patient experience
Integrate with ease

Integrate with ease

Referrizers marketing platform is completely integratable with


And many more…

After connecting to your patient databases, use our marketing platform to automatically place highly targeted campaigns and keep your schedule booked at all times. Slow days? Never again!

Reduce marketing budget up to 85%

Reduce marketing budget up to 85%

Are you currently using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Direct Mail, Magazine Publications or similar channels to advertise your business? You probably do, since everyone else does it as well…It will hardly give you an advantage, right? With Referrizer, you can stop relying on those obsolete marketing tools and

  • Improve the efficiency of your campaigns by 12-27%
  • Save precious time, as the whole system is completely automated and standalone
  • Reduce campaign cost up to 85%.

Patients will be more than grateful for the extra time and attention you will have in attending to each and every one of them. The happiness with your service will rise along with the revenue.

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